4 Effective Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Once upon a time, digital marketing was more about hard-selling random stuff online (using sparkling click-bait content) than substance.

Substance here does not imply drab and stingy online content that’s repulsive to potential clients. On the contrary, the substance in digital marketing should make bottom-lines pop and fizz—and digital marketers a happy, innovative, and customer-focused lot.

Here’s an appetising preview set of 4 hot digital marketing trends in 2018 to help spice up your online call to actions and obtain an overflowing inbox from smitten prospects.

1. Who’s the King Now? The Customer (Still)

In 2018 and beyond, be sure to hail the king and cater to their personalised needs.
The past few years have bolstered the Digital Transformation, an online revolution that’s shifted power to the customer. Organisations can no longer seek to ignore how their loyal or prospective customers think about them and their products.

To do this in 2018, digital marketers will need to use smart content to engage trolling traffic and convert it to buying and long-term customers.

Smart content is all about crafting content that’s intelligently curved to suit the personal needs of individual prospects. Naturally, to craft smart content, you’ll need to truly get a grasp on what your potential customer wants and needs.

And to understand your customers’ needs, you’ll need to use 2016/17’s hot digital marketing moves—the combination of machine learning capabilities and big data analysis. Sounds debilitating but implementing these on a small scale is rather actionable.

By learning what customers are looking at, clicking through, liking, reading through, and bouncing off will help you to anticipate with stunning accuracy what prospects want. So you can prepare to offer them good deals using personalised messages based on curated information you have about them.

2. Learn what customers want from you before they complain about it.

The biggest online marketing success stories are synonymous with Amazon and the likes of eBay online marketplaces. Top among the most effective tricks these e-commerce giants use is elaborate, sociable, and inclusive reviews systems.

Good reviews are great but bad reviews can flat out even the most aggressive bottom lines—like we’ve seen in several PR nightmares in the past 2 years.

In 2018 and beyond, digital marketers and organisations alike are looking to use software intelligence to test and knock off emergent issues. This is especially needed before a negative review pops up in some corner of the internet and storms the sails off of an otherwise sinuous digital marketing strategy.

There is more.

By using Artificial Intelligence, software intelligence helps digital marketers to automate recurrent activities such as customer segmentation and the follow-up content personalisation (by using tags and keywords), marketing funnel and sales funnel activities up to the call-to-action button.

3. The rise of the real-deal influencer.

In 2018, the influencer becomes an even more potent ally to your call-to-action message.

People no longer want a world-famous celebrity spitting rehearsed lines to make you sound cool and worth it. Instead, online communities want to trust ordinary people—a person they can relate to who’s used your offerings and fell in love.

This kind of influencer has the potential to create you a snowball effect, injecting their friends and colleagues with the love of your product.

You can’t pay to splash your greatness around, though. You need to work smart and hard to serve customers as best as you can (works with trend #1 above). These customers can then vouch for your high-quality products or top-notch service and so on to their inner and wider circles and beyond.

Think of the now-famous example of the defunct Frye Festival, whose entire marketing strategy was to hire influential models and celebrities to hype up an event and ‘sell’ the dream. Not only did this entire approach cost the company millions of dollars; it didn’t work. We say, instead of relying on hype and celebrity, become your own centre of influence in your business area. That, in the long-term, will be more effective.

4. Use videos. That is, if you want to be seen.

Facebook has revealed before that it’s mammoth 1.65 billion community watches a startling 8 billion videos on a daily basis. That’s stunning.

But maybe this should not come as a surprise since Alphabet’s YouTube intimated in 2016 that most adults (18 years and beyond) switch to watching YouTube videos during primetime TV hours than any cable television network around.

Video simply rocks.

And if you want to engage and be host to an ever-increasing audience of charmed potential customers, on-screen motion cues are the way to rocket your digital marketing effort in 2018.
While 2017 already scratched the surface, more sites will start to boast more clips and less text, cleverly animated clips (GIFs) and memorable short films to engrave their message in prospects hearts and warm up their pockets.

In Conclusion

While we cannot predict every digital marketing trend for 2018, paying attention to your customers, becoming a centre of influence and getting out there with videos are a great start to any year you want to see growth for your business.

Interested in learning more about how you can strategically position your business in 2018? Contact us today.

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