Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Every business person is currently busy analysing how 2017 has been and trying to predict how 2018 will be for their business.

It’s not always easy to predict certain aspects of business. Digital marketing is even harder because it is very dynamic. If you analyse the strategies that worked in 2016 and those that worked in 2017, for instance, they are worlds apart.

Nevertheless, we have made some forecasts on 2018 marketing based on what appears to be working right now and what isn’t.

Customer is Supreme
Our previous article pointed out that the customer will still be the most important factor you should consider while designing your marketing strategy. Most importantly, there was emphasis on the need to personalise the strategy to suit a specific target client.

To do this you need to have a clear understanding of the target beforehand.

You can purchase tools in the market to help you understand the client better. With more resources online being pumped into AI, machine learning and marketing automation, it is going to be easier for smart marketers to understand their customers.

Videos and Multimedia
The article also touched on usage of videos for digital marketing. Most people are now ignoring anything that is in text form and opting for multimedia media. The numbers on people using YouTube and watching Facebook videos everyday confirms this.

However, it is not just videos. Images, gifs and other types of multimedia are increasingly being chosen over text.

In 2018, therefore, it would be wise to minimise usage of text content and increase the use of multimedia. It is going to be very important for you to re-purpose your content – such that the same piece of content can be turned into a video, blog post, infographic, SlideShare deck etc.

This may unfortunately affect the use and impact of eBooks. If you must use them, don’t just use text content; include surveys, quizzes and interactive animations while keeping it short. The longer it is the more likely your audience will not read through to the end.

Optimise Your Multimedia Content
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of text content has been great but the wave will, unfortunately, not crossover into 2018 – at least not with at the current magnitude. The latest obsession with multimedia content is going to greatly hamper the success of optimised text content. Google is already tapping on this and will soon allow users to search using their cameras.

To stay afloat in 2018, you will need to redistribute the resources you have been using for text-based SEO. Instead focus on optimising the videos, audios, gifs, images and other multimedia in your site. In short, don’t just optimise text, optimise everything. Make sure your content is created with the user in mind since this will make both search engines and humans happy.

Boost Social Media Posts
Social media, Facebook in particular, has settings that significantly limit the number of people that see and interact with your posts directly. In fact, less than 10 percent of your Facebook followers see your posts.

The answer to this is to use Facebook to advertise and boost your posts – which was probably the intended effect. This will not only increase your audience but will also allow you to choose the optimum time for the content to be posted.

Be careful on what to boost. Usually it’s best to boost content that drives leads and sales. With Messenger bots being the talk of town, you can get both email leads and Facebook Messenger leads.

Quality over Quantity
Using click baits and sensational content will not cut it in 2018. Customers can tell when you are taking them in rounds and once they do they will leave and not come back. There is so much content on almost every topic and they understand that much of it is junk. Instead, they want content that can will serve their immediate needs on the go.

To create quality content for your market you need to understand the topic you are presenting and the customer as well. Keep your content brief but just long enough to cover the essential aspects of the issue. By so doing you will pass your message to the client without irritation.

Facebook for B2B marketing
LinkedIn has curved out its niche in Business-to-Business marketing and is still the leading site for this. Facebook, on the other hand, has been a perfect medium for B2C marketing.

However, as we go into 2018, Facebook is increasingly becoming more suitable for B2B marketing as well. The Facebook active users are in billions and among these are several professionals and business owners. In 2018, convert your Facebook page to a B2B marketing platform by boosting your posts and targeting carefully.

Artificial Intelligence
As mentioned earlier, understanding the customer is the most important thing in doing digital marketing. In 2018, artificial intelligence will be incorporated in almost all aspects of all businesses. For a digital marketer, AI is also the answer to the question of understanding your customer.

Through AI-driven data analytics, you will be able to understand your target audience both as a whole and as individuals. Also, deeper learning will allow you to learn the behavioral patterns of specific customers thus helping you design your strategy accordingly.

In conclusion…
Digital marketing is going to be as dynamic as in 2018 as it was in 2017, 2016 and other previous years. As such, no one can make a conclusive prediction on what the year has in store for digital marketers. The trends may even differ from one month to another.

However, these ideas are not likely to change so fast. They will work for at least the first few months unless a disruptive technology comes up. What does this mean for you? Take advantage of them, fast!

Interested in learning more about how you can strategically position your business in 2018? Contact us today.

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