How an outdated Website could be hurting your Business

Thinking an outdated business website is not much of a business problem? Think again.

If an update to your business website is long overdue, it could be hurting your business in destructive ways you probably never thought of before—until now. You are strangling your business, and there is nothing that a plump marketing campaign can do about it.

We have scoured around the world of embarrassingly out-of-date sites.

Here are some lessons to learn from dated sites so you don’t forget it once you set it.

1. You are losing viable customers

Think about the last time you opened a website that looked like the last time the owner logged in was in the 90s.

It took well over half a minute to load. Or it just didn’t.

It could have been that it did not load well or at all on your mobile browser. Or you had to zoom and pinch to navigate it.

Maybe the themes appeared old and wrinkled.

Now think of what you thought about the site and owner.

That’s right. You thought they just did not care and thought why to buy from someone who does not care in the first place. The next likely thing you did is scramble for that back button. The website owner lost you.

Now imagine the same happens to a potential customer when they log on to your site.

Customers come to you so you can help them solve a problem they have. If they feel you cannot solve your own website issues, why should they trust you to solve theirs?

2. You are setting yourself up for a hacking attack

According to Google, hackers became more aggressive in 2016 by increasing attacks on vulnerable websites by a whopping 32% over the same period in 2015. Worse, about 62% of hacked website owners never received a warning alert from Google because they had not registered with Google’s GSI program.

If you have outdated security software, faulty plugins, dying themes, and an online CMS system that needs refreshing with improved updates, you have a time bombing ticking away.

Business websites usually experience cyber crimes that target highly confidential customers’ information, future plans, and employees’ data. Outdated websites could make you lose your vital data to fraudsters, competitors, and saboteurs.

3. You are ruining your credibility

Think about it.

If a website is out of touch with current advancements in website development technology, how much likely are you to believe the owner is an authority in their niche? It is a hard sell for them.

The same case applies if yours is too.

In fact, people usually develop a favourable or unfavourable perception of your business in 1/20th of a second based on how your website behaves.

4. You are losing business to your competition

Assume your business website is not mobile friendly in 2017, and your competing site is.

Multiple studies report that most people now seek product information and businesses to buy from using their mobile devices. If your website design is not responsive to mobile devices’ screens, browsers, and operating systems, you are losing customers straight to your competitors counter.

The same case applies if the layout of your website makes it difficult to find specific information fast and easily. This reason alone happens to be a major, playing factor when it comes to analysing high bounce rates for many websites.

5. You appear out of touch with what matters most to your customers

“Your website is dying and you don’t care. You are not professional, interesting or progressive. You need to put your business together before asking me to commit.”

That is precisely what most people seeking your services will think when you have managed to convince them to consider doing business with you and yet you directed them to that worn out stack of HTML code.

On the other side, an updated website not only serves its purpose as you’d like, it also helps serve your customers. Update your site to make it responsive, secure and progressive.

Also, it helps attract and retain more traffic, leads, and customers while adding weight to your credibility. Care about your business website, it is probably the only resource you have that works hard to grow your business night and day, every day.

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