Revolution partner with DEFSYS

Revolution announce strategic partnership with DEFSYS Group

Anthony Nadalini, Co-founder and Director of Revolution today announced a strategic partnership between Revolution & DEFSYS Group to deliver

complete business solution as a service to the dealership retail market. This alliance is to ensure that dealers subscribing to the Revolution Cloud DMS service have access to a complete range of managed local infrastructure services, including (not limited to) desktops, printers, networking, backups, business internet and telephony services.

In a statement Mr Nadalini had the following to say, “I’m pleased to announce today that we have reached an exciting agreement with Jeremy Kouloubis (Managing Director, DEFSYS Group) that will provide access to infrastructure services for our customers through a trusted partner company like DEFSYS Group who are working closely with our support & development teams delivering unprecedented solutions to the DMS market. This partnership will ensure that our customers have access to a single end to end solution providing them with the confidence and competitive advantage to tackle the accelerated changes in the retail market and franchises of the future projects.”

Mr Kouloubis also expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating “The team at DEFSYS is thrilled to be partnering with such an innovative and reputable Dealership Retail Solution company. We believe there is a lot of synergy between the two organisations.”

When asked about key points of difference this partnership will bring Mr Nadalini stated “We have increased our investment in recent years in areas such as leading edge research & development projects that support automation of best practice business processes. Areas such as IoT, biometrics and deep telephony integration with our leading CRM solutions are areas just to name a few that will be supported through the local infrastructure reach and support that DEFSYS will provide through this partnership. Our team have worked well with DEFSYS in a number of our customers over the years and this partnership provides them with access to our solution roadmap and developed services that will help fast track the roll out of some of these exciting initiatives.”

Revolution can be contacted by visiting & DEFSYS Group by visiting

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