SEO decisions to make before your website

How to Take Care of Your SEO Before You Build Your Website

If you are thinking about moving your current website or creating one from the ground up, it’s important to think about Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO before the site goes live if you want to hit the ground running and get that much-needed traffic.

SEO before you go! The Importance of thinking ahead.

If we leave you with just one lesson here, it’s that you must consider SEO as soon as you begin to create your site, or when you are migrating to another platform. The more you can think and implement a few key SEO strategies, the better your site will have of ranking sooner, rather than later.

Three problems that arise if you don’t consider SEO before you build your site:

Site structure design flaws.

You may have to redesign your site structure anyway. Many SEO experts have to break this news to their clients, even after hiring professionals to create their sites. If you haven’t devised a strategic SEO plan before you create the framework for your site, you might be missing big opportunities to rank.

Migration might be your only option.

You might still have to migrate your site to make sure your site fits into Google’s expectations.

You might have to redesign or recreate your entire business model.

If you are providing anything ‘of value,’ your site won’t rank, you won’t build traffic and any SEO expert that promises big conversions isn’t telling the truth. It all starts with your value proposition!

What is your ‘value proposition’? Let’s talk about your business.

Let’s talk about problem #3: Your business model. If you haven’t clarified your business model offline, how can you expect to communicate it effectively to your customers online? Simple answer: You can’t. Before you do one keyword search, hire a web design team, or even purchase your URL, you have to think about your overriding business strategy and determine your unique ‘value proposition’ first. How do you do that?

Before you SEO, you first must SWOT.

Okay, we’re throwing a lot of anagrams at you, but to make the right SEO decisions, you have to take the time to get to know your business. Consider this a pre-step before you do anything, online or not. You’ll need to clarify your business, on paper before you can clarify your business online.

Even if you’ve already created a website and just want an update, doing a SWOT (which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) is a good idea. Why? There might be areas in your market you are not exploring. You might be able to uncover entire categories of keyword searches, for example, that your site can use to garner organic traffic. You’ll also want to get to that unique value proposition we’ve already talked about so you can leverage the power of your brand online. All of this information helps create your online presence as well. A strategic web design team looks at the big picture first. If you have any questions on how we create websites, contact us today.

Time to consider SEO.

Here are some technical considerations to consider before you redesign or migrate:

Http or Https: If you are ever going to accept payments on your site, you’ll need https at a minimum.

Make sure every page is unique. You don’t want your pages competing against each other, so it’s important to make sure that each URL is unique and that you have a succinct plan for the content placement online as well.

Talk to your technical team. Before you get online, thinking of things like site speed, image optimisation, as well as site navigation is important. Talk to your website design team about some of the expectations you have to get your site ranked sooner, rather than later.

Location specific? If you are trying to target certain areas, you must consider this before you create your site. You might even want to invest in a URL with ‘your city or town’ in the address, as well as making sure your business location is the same everywhere you post it online.

Get to know your site before you migrate. If you already have a site but need to migrate, take advantage of this opportunity and think through your SEO first. Try something like Screaming Frog, a tool that helps you audit your site before you move.

Analyse inbound links. If you are changing your URL, your inbound links are going to change as well.

Conduct an SEO audit. Before you migrate, take the time to do a more in-depth SEO audit. While there are many SEO audits out there, we like this 16-step plan that walks you through everything you need to do to make sure your SEO is ready for the migration.

Just to review.

It’s important to think about SEO before you go live, or migrate. There are many things you can do to increase your traffic. Here’s a rundown on some of the things you should need to do.

Before you launch SEO checklist:

Just before you go live, there are still a few things you can do to make sure you get those SERP’s. The more you plan ahead, the quicker you can start to build traffic once you do finally get online.

  • Get to know your business first before you go online.
  • Make sure you know the technical considerations you need to think about.
  • Talk to your technical team before you get online, or migrate your site to make sure they know your SEO expectations.
  • If you are targeting a particular location, think about that first.

Before you migrate SEO checklist:

Now is the time to get your SEO in place. Before you migrate your site, talk to your web developer about your expectations, starting with this quick checklist.

  • Get to know your website first.
  • Conduct a full SEO audit before you move.
  • Don’t forget about inbound links.
  • If you want to target a location; think about doing that first.

SEO is still an important part of building that successful business or brand online. If you need some help with any of these things that we’ve discussed, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your specific business needs.

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