DEFSYS Private Cloud

A Private Cloud Solution that will provide you security, compliance, reliability and overall peace of mind for your business systems

A DEFSYS Private Cloud are for those businesses that require a secure, reliable and scalable environment which is built to serve your needs only, with the highest confidentiality and confidence in your systems integrity and security.

A Private Cloud built for your business will exist within the DEFSYS Network and only made available to you and your staff. Highly efficient data centres, coupled with enterprise-grade infrastructure, virtualisation technology and support from highly experienced engineers combine to create this cost-effective solution for your business.

You receive the agility, reliability and affordability of Cloud Computing with the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated environment.

DEFSYS Private Cloud Solutions

Benefits of a Private Cloud

  • Security: Your individual security and compliance requirements are met with dedicated equipment protecting your systems and data from public networks and services
  • Reliability: DEFSYS have invested heavily to be sure our Private Cloud is designed with redundancy and reliability in mind.
  • Flexibility: A Private Cloud provides the same flexibility and scalablity that a Public Cloud can offer, without the risk. Choose to self manage or outsource the requirements to DEFSYS via one of our Managed Services.
  • Peace Of Mind: Know exactly where your business systems and data are stored and housed.

Why choose DEFSYS Group?

We place a high importance on IT security, compliance and overall reliability when it comes to the systems that run your business. With that in mind we have developed a premier Private Cloud Solution to help scale your business and to take advantage of what the Cloud has to offer.

Get in touch with one of our experienced representatives today, and put together a Cloud Strategy that will offer your business efficiency, scalability and overall IT flexibility.

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