Private Networks

A DEFSYS Private Network provides a seamless and secure way for your office locations to connect and communicate

Connecting all your office locations together via a private network provides a seamless, secure and efficient way for them to communicate and connect.

DEFSYS has secured strategic partnerships with Australia & New Zealand’s largest carriers to position itself with ability to network your office locations and create your own private network solution.

Private Network Solutions

Benefits to your business

  • Highly secure way of connecting locations
  • Streamlines application & data access
  • Flexible and scalable, caters to your business growth
  • Increased productivity and communication efficiencies for your workforce

Why choose DEFSYS?

The DEFSYS network is a highly secure and scalable solution used by some of Australia’s biggest organisations to assist with improving communication and connectivity for all their office locations

To discuss how a private network can assist with increasing IT efficiency in your business, please get in touch with one of our experienced representatives.

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