Managed IT Security

Specialised IT Security Solutions and Services for your Business. Protect your network with the DEFSYS Managed Security service

DEFSYS offers a range of Managed IT Security services to help protect your Business Systems, Infrastructure and Users.

With our proactive granular monitoring of your Systems and Network, DEFSYS are in the strongest position to not only swiftly take action if a situation arises, but more importantly to proactively put in place the necessary processes and functions to avoid any such events occurring.

How do we do it?

  • We are experienced IT Network Engineers
  • 24×7 Proactive Network and System Monitoring
  • Consistent Data Analysis
  • Recommending and Implementing Industry Best Standards

Why do you need to outsource your IT Security?

Businesses and IT Departments are busy enough without having to worry about consistently checking and maintaining the level of Security protecting their System, Network and Users.

What we offer is a very specialised Managed Security¬†Solution which will provide peace of mind for your business, IT department and users that their data, devices and systems are secure and protected 24×7.

Bundle with our other Managed Services

Bundle this service along with our other Managed IT Services and we can tailor a cost effective complete solution to support your business.

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