Software Development Trends to Help Grow your Business Today

Remain steady for a moment and consider this.

Netflix. Hulu. Facebook. Twitter. Slack. Uber. Lyft. What do all these brands have in common?
They are changing the old way of doing things. Now we have new ways of watching television, communicating, moving, and getting to places. All seven trailblazers have also risen on the back of powerful software trends that they caught by the colour and stamped self-assured authority over. The newly-minced Titans are outdoing other organizations in their industry, gradually turning them irrelevant.

In order for the latter to survive, they’ll need to evolve and catch up—and especially when it comes to taking advantage of relevant software advancement trends.

Its easy to assume the changes will not happen in your niche. But if there is a lesson we can all learn from the Nokias, Kodaks and BlackBerrys is that if your business is to remain competitive, you have to remain vigilant about the latest software development trends—no matter how profitable or popular you may be right now.

We have on here 5 software development trends you’ll want to watch out for and decide whether to take advantage.

1. Chatbots

Bots have seen an inevitable pop into several software development trends’ conversations.

Chatbots make it easy to engage people online. Chatbot-powered apps enable organisations and potential customers to engage in a keyboard conversation pretty much as if you’d engage a close friend in a Facebook Messenger chat.

The dramatic uptake of chat apps such as WhatsApp has many people excited about having similar experiences when browsing websites when corresponding with your business contact points.

So, this software programming trend is just scathing the surface. Meaning developers and users alike should expect an explosion of bots to power impactful conversations going forward.

Fortunately, Facebook’s Messenger Platform has slashed development time and expertise various users need to create a cool and actionable Chatbot to engage their online visitors.

2. Machine Learning (Actionable AI)

It feels like Machine Learning as a top software development trend to watch out for has been on this kind of lists for eternity.

That’s because it is highly evolving and the next time it’s mentioned, it almost always has something fresh going on—and it’s not necessarily another Ex Machina blockbuster.

This Data-fed software advancement is helping multiple industries benefit from capturing, analysing and automating various aspects of their day-to-day operations.

AI-powered software suites constantly “learn” to deal with recurrent activities at an organisation, hence improve automation and efficiency, as well as free more staff time to focus on core business activities.

In June 2017, The McKinsey Global Institute, published results of its latest AI technology study titled: “How Artificial Intelligence Can Deliver Real Value to Companies”. Among some of the interesting facts therein include how top-level, global technology companies such as Google and Baidu have invested over $20 billion in R&D and deployment and acquiring AI startups in the last couple of months alone.

This is a vivid preview of things to come. Is your business getting ready for AI?

3. PaaS

It is no longer shocking to refer to a business as software, and vice versa.

Perhaps what’s newer is how smart programmers are finding innovative and practical ways to quench a new thirst for slick and smooth software suits for organisations in different niches.

There’s a need to supply developers with the essentials they need to not start developing a program from scratch, but from an online platform with the tools and hardware to anchor software developers’ projects.

This is precisely what PaaS seeking to accomplish.

PaaS is a platform for programmers to host and develop software or an app. It is a cloud-computing solution, and providers and users alike log into their accounts via a web account portal to access their work-in-progress.

PaaS providers then charge the users on a flat-rate or per-use basis. Providers include Heroku, Google App Engine, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

4. Open-Source Development

Look around. Open-source platforms are taking over!

And that’s clearly a trend that’s just been around gathering steam. They are popular among software development trends setters and software users alike.

Open-source development makes it easy to tap into a cloud of the tech-savvy brain power of a large open source community and leveraging that for your company’s long-term goals.

Whether you are a software developer, an IT professional for your organisation, or the business owner, open source helps you to get a headstart into plugin into an otherwise sophisticated tech trend that your customers like.

5. Useful Big Data

You do not need to have a mind-boggling following on multiple online platforms and web portals to benefit from utilising Big Data science.

If you forecast a surge in customer engagement levels at your company, through whichever platform you have, you can use a decent big data system to tap the trend. If you can as well combine your big data system with machine learning software, you’d get the essentials of what makes your customers click, like, share, comment and pin your offerings.
And, for programmers, expect more than ever organizations to demand this alluring combination of suites.

Software is running many businesses—more than ever—and that is not set to stop, ever. To keep ahead you need to stay abreast and crunch the newest software development trends in your industry going forward. The top 5 above are worth the while. Want to learn more? get in touch with one of our experienced strategists today.

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