Software piracy can be a huge liability to your business

With software piracy only growing, this has turned into a huge liability for organisations with unlicensed software within their organisation.

It was reported that the BSA (Business Software Alliance) which is backed by all the major software vendors in the world collected more than 350k in settlements from Australian organisations, and a record 3 million USD from a Japanese manufacture for software license infringements.

Organisations and vendors are enticing people to dob their employers in by providing them with attractive incentives. Is your business at risk? Do you have unlicensed software in your IT environment? Are you unsure? Definitive Systems can offer you a software compliance audit where an experienced engineer will analyse all the applications in your IT environment and provide you with a detailed report.

To organise this, please contact Definitive Systems on 1300 333 797 or online via our contact form. Don’t let this be a risk to your business success.

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