What is Remarketing and Why Do You Need to Know about It?

Wouldn’t it be great to advertise to people who already expressed some form of interest in your product or service? If so, you should consider remarketing.

This allows you to show targeted and relevant ads to people who previously viewed your website. They get to see your ads as they browse the internet. Remarketing is extremely cost-effective.
The ads you set up enhance the likelihood of people making a purchase since they have already interacted with your website or app. You can deliver them as images, text or a combination of both.

Common places where you can remarket include:

Google AdWords
Facebook advertising

Remarketing can shorten lengthy and competitive customer acquisition procedures. If applied accurately, it can transform your business, enhancing sales and boosting your brand profile.

A tag, (a small code) is inserted to each web page to capture users as they visit the site. It tracks users and groups them into remarketing lists which can be accessed all over the web. A remarketing list is a collection of tags and cookies from people who view your site.

Types of Remarketing

1. Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
Website visitors are shown ads as they conduct follow up searches for information on the web, on leaving your site.

2. Standard Remarketing
Here previous internet visitors are shown ads when they browse display networks or use display network apps.

3. Remarketing for Mobile Apps
Ads are specifically displayed to visitors who used mobile apps to visit your website. This is done as they browse mobile websites and use other mobile apps.

4. Video Remarketing
Previous visitors to your YouTube channel or those who have accessed your videos are shown ads as they use YouTube and browse display network apps, websites or videos.

5. Dynamic Remarketing
The Google merchant centre powers dynamic ads that you have developed based on pages viewed and how customers viewed your site. The ads displayed to viewers include services or products people visited on your website.

6. Email-List Remarketing
Customer match allows you to upload lists of email addresses provided by your customers. When the customers sign into Gmail, YouTube or Google Search, ads can be displayed.

Benefits of Remarketing

1. More Conversion Rates
Remarketing makes it easier to access the user who has shown the most interest and is likely to make a purchase. The ads result in enhanced click-through rates.

2. A Cost-Efficient Large Scale Reach
You get to reach many people across numerous devices, websites and apps. This lowers your cost per conversion since you only focus on a targeted audience. Your campaign is enhanced by automated bid strategies. These enable you to win ad auctions with the best prices. They simply calculate the optimal bids for people who view your ads.

3. Easy Ad Creation and Campaign Insights
The ad gallery can help you generate multiple image, text and video ads for display. Dynamic remarketing campaigns enable you to create vibrant ads. With these, you develop attractive ads for your products and services. You can then view insights and reports in real time.

4. Lists Customised to Advertising Goals
With remarketing, you tailor your lists to targeted users, enhancing the income potential of your advertising campaign. A remarketing list at the shopping cart level can help you display ads to people who didn’t complete their transactions.

5. Remain In the Minds of Engaged Customers
AdWords remarketing helps you reach customers interested in your products or services, which keeps your brand at the top of their minds. When your customers are searching for your products on Google search, they are more likely to click on something that’s already in their mind.

Remarketing will take your business to the next level. It will promote brand awareness through strategic advertising and propel your return on investment. Your previous site visitors are more likely to buy from you, thus increasing your sales. If you’ve ever considered trying it out, you should now consider getting started immediately. Get in touch to find out more.

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