5 Reasons your Company Needs an App

Smartphones and other mobile devices allow people to remain connected with their friends, family all the time. To the young generation, however, the smartphones are more than just gadgets for facilitating communication.

Mobile phones are the literal interface between the various aspects of the life of a modern teenager or young adult. The mobile internet allows them to keep up with the lives of their favorite celebrities, programs and fashion trends. To get their attention, you must introduce your products into these conversations.

Any company that wants to market their brand to this generation must therefore find a way into their smartphones. Realising this, many companies, from startups to giant corporations, are increasingly developing mobile apps.

If you have been hesitating to create a mobile app for your company, here are five reasons you should stop holding back.

Increased online visibility

The average teenager or adult in the developed world spends at least two hours of his or her day on their mobile phone. While a lot of this time is spent on social media sites, having your app in their mobile phone gives your brand a chance to disrupt their browsing patterns.

Admittedly, a person may only go through your app only a couple of minutes per day. However, these few minutes may be all it takes to create an impression in your customer’s mind and give you an edge over your competition.

Other than the direct interaction that the customer has with your brand via the app, there is also a chance that your products will find a way into their social media conversations. In this regard, the app indirectly offers you a new channel towards online visibility in social media sites.

Improved efficiency in customer engagement

The quality of customer service that your company offers can make or break your brand. All factors kept constant, a customer will prefer a business that is easily reachable and reacts promptly to the concerns of their customer.

That is exactly what a mobile app offers. By browsing through your app your customers can get instant and up to date information about your products including prices and availability. They can then make orders, enquiries or reviews.

Other than allowing your customers to give you instant feedback, an app also allows you to respond to their concerns in a closed environment. On social media, a complaint about your product or service can be blown out of proportion and damage your brand without giving you a chance to respond.

Insight into your customers preferences

Having your mobile app in your customer’s phones gives you a chance to collect data about them. Of course you have to ensure that you have the customer’s consent and observe other privacy regulations.

There are lots of data analytic tools in the market today that can help you analyze the data and make sense of it. You can then use the knowledge to guide your marketing strategies, innovation, and brand development.

More avenues for revenue

After developing your app, the next important step is to market it so that it has as much traffic as possible. Increased traffic signifies that your customers are enjoying the interaction or experience they are having with your app.

So how does this translate to revenue for your company?

The first approach is to link your app to your website and other authoritative company sites. This further increases your online visibility and, with the current popularity of online purchases, this translates to increased sales.

High traffic on your app will also attract businesses to advertise on your site. If you balance these adverts such that they do not interfere with your customer’s experience, you can increase your revenues.

Overcome geographical boundaries

As a startup and small business, selling your products or services offline can limit your market reach. Traditionally, the only way to grow beyond your locality was to open branches in other geographical locations.

Today, you don’t need to open branches for your business all over the country. In any case you probably don’t have the resources to do so.

Mobile apps expose your products to customers beyond your locality and grow your business without extra costs. With proper planning, the mobile app can help you even serve the global market.

Final thoughts…

Mobile applications are arguably the most efficient interface for you to reach to the younger generation and customers beyond your locality. The continuous flow of feedback from your customers can be of great importance in developing your brand and creating your market strategy.

Having a business mobile app is no longer optional for companies that wish to remain competitive in today’s digital world. Initially, you could opt not to create an app and do just fine. Today, your competitor will create an app for their business and gain an edge over you that you will find hard to recover.

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