Take our mini health check now!

Find out how effective your IT systems and processes are:

Do you have local, on-call professional support and assistance?

Do you have an IT monitoring and maintenance plan in place?

Do you receive a regular IT health check from your existing services provider?

Do you have complete and reliable backups in place, with recovery tests completed?

Do you know how long it will take for your key business systems to recover in case of major failure?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan and solution?

Is your site and data secure?

Do your security investments support your data protection and privacy needs?

Do you have a project management system for notable technology changes?

Do you have a team that can optimise the performance of your infrastructure, including servers, laptops, network, internet and phone system?

Do your IT solutions drive productivity, for example, high reliability or synced systems for efficiency?

Is your IT spend recorded in a transparent manner?

Does your IT investment deliver cost savings while generating top line growth?

Do you have measures in place to rank customer satisfaction as a result of your IT investments?

Are you kept up-to-date with technology news and trends that could benefit your business?

If you DIDN’T TICK one of these questions, you could benefit from Defsys Group mini IT review and assessment. Call us today on 02 9099 2940 find out how.