Business uptime all the time

We provide best-in-class and trusted solutions that guarantee business uptime. The simplicity of the cutting-edge technology solutions and in-built service combined with our extensive experience and consultative approach delivers the right business continuity outcomes.

Trusted solutions ensure zero downtime in an “always-on” world

We’re the specialists committed to deliver continuous computing through a range of solutions across the entire uptime, availability and recovery continuum. We’re the first place-to-go for expert knowledge on all things “availability” and we’re passionate about selecting the very best technologies that proactively prevent downtime, eliminate data loss and provide peace of mind.

  • Five nines availability for mission critical computing with Fault Tolerance technology
  • Zero downtime with Application Continuous Computing
  • End-to-end protection for business services with Business Continuity solutions
  • Disaster Recovery with rapid failover to another geographical location or in the Cloud
  • Enterprise Continuity Management ensures business continuity and disaster recovery plans will always work as intended
  • Availability for Cluster environments

Expert advice not found anywhere else

We design high availability frameworks using the most innovative, award winning technologies that are easy to implement and use. We support mission critical applications in demanding industries such as banking, defense, security, manufacturing and building management, transportation and communication.

Meet your customer expectations with 100% confidence

We work to the highest international standards of service for every customer. As a leading provider of comprehensive business up-time solutions, we bring a deep level of understanding of the entire continuous computing spectrum not found anywhere else.

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Our IT services are designed to transform your IT and technology performance, driving a stronger ROI, improved productivity and efficiency, increased revenue and stronger business performance.