Drawing on a robust set of methods to ensure we deliver

Behind our consultative approach to designing tailored IT solutions is a robust set of best-in-class methodologies.

Our methodology is steeped in sound commercial and project management experience, ensuring the IT solutions we deliver meet your objectives, timeline and budget, maximising your ROI. Upholding our methodologies are:

  • Clear definition of objectives and deliverables
  • Detailed project planning of people, resources and schedule
  • Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost
  • Tracking and reporting progress to key stakeholders
  • Risk management with ongoing assessment and mitigation
  • Sign-off from stakeholders at project milestones, to ensure alignment and agreement
  • Benefits realisation and project closure

We draw on both Lean and Six Sigma principles to reduce inefficiencies in your business, helping you reduce cycle time, improve delivery efficiency and lift quality, to boost your capacity and productivity overall.

We are champions of change management. Any software or hardware implementation is a change that can only be successful if people embrace the change opportunity. Most businesses go through the phases shown below. A well managed and successful implementation considers the needs of the people involved, and helps them make that change a seamless and pleasant experience.

We know we’ve done our job when our customers see their business performance optimised and sustained.