Our servicesTransform your IT and technology performance

  • Our IT services are designed to transform your IT and technology performance, driving a stronger ROI, improved productivity and efficiency, increased revenue and stronger business performance.
  • Our comprehensive suite of IT services are scaled to suit any organisation – whether small or medium.
E-Bit Systems

Our ServicesDefsys can integrate at any point in the value chain

We have your entire IT services needs covered, from business IT strategy definition, private cloud offering, ERP & CRM solutions alongwith process improvements, to tactical areas such as infrastructure operations, IT management and maintenance and helpdesk services. In addition, we have continuous computing solutions across the entire uptime, availability and recover continuum.

What we doWe’re your IT brains trust. We’re strategic advisors and IT providers

We develop innovative yet practical solutions that meet your needs, now and into the future. Our team is part of your team; we understand your core business drivers. We develop best practice IT and technology solutions aligned to your strategic business goals. We are your single provider and advisor on all matters relating to IT and technology.