For Business GrowthStrategic IT advice to fuel your business growth

New technology doesn’t always mean your business must upgrade. Your business must consider whether the technology delivers business value, or is a new operating necessity. Did your last technology investment support your business growth, reduce costs or even lift productivity enough to justify the investment?

The decisions you make around technology platforms, systems and processes will significantly impact your business performance. Yet not every company can justify the cost of a full-time CIO with the expertise to make the right decisions and bring the desired value from their technology investments.

Through our CIO advisory and IT services, we provide you with the expertise, insight and thinking of an experienced CIO at a cost-effective rate. Our outsourced CIO services can be on a permanent and ongoing basis, or an as-needed basis. We work by applying sound business concepts within your operating model, exploring all aspects of your business such as customer and supplier relations, finance, product quality, manufacturing, services and resources, to identify the optimal path forward. Our CIO advisory services include:

  • Identifying your technology priorities and supporting their delivery
  • Developing a solution that will deliver the greatest return on investment
  • Linking your technology strategy to your products and services
  • Forecasting how technology will change the competition and help you adapt your business accordingly
  • IT strategy development and implementation
  • Coaching, mentoring and technology advisory
  • Organisation planning and the right-fit IT team structure to support your needs
  • Program and project management

Businesses choose Defsys CIO advisory services because we:

  • Provide a clear technology road map and strategic direction aligned with business objectives
  • Define value – add strategies that deliver top line growth and cost savings
  • Implement sustainable and scalable solutions through an integrated approach
  • Deliver results and a hard-dollar return on your investment
  • Optimise your cash flow management while providing top-class support and advice
  • Optimise your IT infrastructure and investment to deliver tangible, measureable results with productivity improvements

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Our IT services are designed to transform your IT and technology performance, driving a stronger ROI, improved productivity and efficiency, increased revenue and stronger business performance.