Defsys Group case studies, our work tried and tested

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Case study 1: Back-up solutions Integrated solutions for real-time protection and recovery

One of the biggest challenges any business faces is maintaining business continuity by avoiding disruption and loss of productivity following a system failure.

Our solutions

The Defsys Group backup solution provides reliable protection in real time. In the unlikely yet unfortunate event that your system fails, either due to internal or external factors, we can get your business functional and back to being productive in a matter of hours, with a fast and complete recovery of the business platform.


Our solutions has three components:

  1. Hardware component
    We provide an independent device, the Network Attached Storage (NAS), to store your backup onsite.
  2. Software component
    The software first creates a baseline backup image of the server and copies it to the NAS. It then creates incremental backup images at a set interval of any data that has changed on the server.
  3. Communication component
    The encrypted backup images are securely transmitted overnight to our data centre for archiving.

Business Benefits

Protect your data in real time.

  • With our set-and-forget scheduling system, your systems, data and databases can be backed up every 15 minutes throughout the day with minimal impact to production systems, networks and users. The backups are transmitted offsite to our data centre every night.
  • Our continuous incremental capability lets you back up data hands-free, by performing one full backup and thereafter only individual backups for changed sectors, reducing your input/output and capacity requirements.
  • By protecting everything from operating systems to applications, configuration and data, your business can focus on other operational tasks.

Cut your workload with self-healing back-ups.

  • Our system’s automatic verification and re-verification tools give you confidence that are in good condition when recovery is necessary. In just a few mouse clicks, you will be able to verify that the previous incremental backup is intact and correct, without impacting your product systems.
  • If a problem is identified, a differential backup is automatically created, self-healing the chain to help ensure backup integrity.

Manage backups with ease.

  • We provide one total solution for complete backup, recovery, disaster recovery and migration at an affordable investment, delivering a true and rapid return on investment.
  • An image manager checks the validity of backups in the datacentre and consolidates these within a single storage device, the Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Fast and granular recovery.

  • An easy drag-and-drop file and folder restores in seconds to any 15-minute point in time. It even stores multiple versions of the same file, enabling quick restoring of any individual file.
  • The tools allow us to centrally manage point-in-time backup images and re-store them in a matter of minutes.

Maintain productivity with reduced down time.

  • The flexible recovery option minimises recovery time between a disruption to the moment the system is available again, limiting impacts to your business continuity.
  • In a matter of hours, we can perform complete server rebuilds, either to the same hardware, another device or even to a virtual environment, restoring the server to its exact state from 15 minutes ago.
  • Defsys Group can quickly and easily migrate the system to new servers or consolidate to virtual environments if needed.

Secure disaster recovery for peace of mind.

  • We’ll protect your data, systems and databases with a second copy of the backup in our datacentre. This can be quickly retrieved even in rare situations where both server and onsite backup are destroyed, for example in the event of fire, flood or theft.
  • Your system can even be fully recovered to different hardware or between virtual environments, to recreate the server as it was at the time of the last backup and minimise downtime and loss of productivity to your business.