Capitalise on opportunities – whilst you stay in control

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions will help you increase customer service levels and profitability whilst controlling costs, managing inventory and improving your ability to manage the business. Manage every aspect of your company from a single system – from sales, procurement and customer relationships to financial management and operations.

You can automate and accelerate your end-to-end business processes while driving down costs and boosting efficiencies. This translates into higher operating margins and increased cash flow.

Our ERP systems take you beyond basic accounting, with a real-time and unified view of financials and operations. You will gain visibility insight into how your business is performing, along with the confidence that your system will help drive fast, informed decisions and greater productivity. ERP turns insight into opportunity that drives and supports your business growth.

Whether you’re looking for warehousing software, distribution software, small business accounting software, supply chain software or inventory management software, our ERP solution can be easily tailored to suit the particular needs of your business.

A complete package that meets all your business needs.

Simplify your sales order systems.

Sales order processing meets the order processing and customer service needs by handling all the phases of business flow from quotes, pricing, order creation, order fulfilment to order shipment. Our solution lets you, allocate and reserve stock, fulfil back orders, maintain forward orders, apply different pricing based on customer loyalty and handle credit notes and returns

Streamline and organise the entire purchase process.

Place automatic purchase orders against inventory minimums and maximums, taking account of customer sales orders, back-orders and orders currently placed with suppliers.

Control inventory and warehousing in real time.

Efficiently store and issue stock from multiple warehouses and bin locations, manage adjustments, transfers and consignment stock, allocate landed costs and apply in-depth pricing schemes.

Plan your manufacturing processes more precisely.

Control discrete or process manufacturing with accurate materials and labour usage tracking and costing, efficient management of bill of materials, and dispatch of goods as soon as they are produced.

Take on board your financial management processes.

By integrating all processes with core accounting and financial processes, stabilise ledgers and consolidate finances across all operational areas. The General Ledger maintains complete detailed accounting records for a multi-company structure including flexible accounting periods and control with period closing, detailed audit trails, budgeting capability and is designed to support almost any chart of accounts structure. Powerful journal options like accrual accounting, standing journals, split posting and reversing entries allow you to easily manage continuing entry and reporting of your financial transactions.
The Debtors ledger provides customer information required to efficiently process receivables, maintain open items, and determine credit relationships. The Creditors module combines invoice and payment processing, access to detailed supplier information, delivery schedules and supports EFT for creditor payments.

Manage your services business effectively.

The system can log calls, track and generate work orders, quote, and invoice service jobs billing for materials as well as time, and provide detailed service reports along with automatically generate reminders on contract renewals and warranty expiry.

Benefit from structured job costing.

Our solution provides a detailed project tracking solution for the construction, manufacturing and project oriented industries. It allows project managers to track labour, materials, equipment and sub-contractors.

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