Defining your Private cloud strategy

We all want to do more in the cloud – it’s a brave new world. Enterprise IT is undergoing fundamental transformation. More enterprise technology is moving out of the confines of their internal infrastructure platforms, and into the cloud.
Cloud computing is mainstream now, not only for medium to larger enterprises but also for the average Joe Bloggs around the corner. The benefits are real and measureable.
1. Capital cost saving.
2. Lower operational costs.
3. Faster setup of solutions.
4. Easy access from any platform in any location.
5. Faster innovation and with more new services on the way.
6. Can scale IT solution faster and adapt to changing models.
7. Orders of magnitude improvement in reliability.
Given these real and quickly achievable benefits, enterprises of all sizes are looking to adopt the cloud – fast. It is a new model for the delivery and consumption of IT – getting into the Utility model. It does raise a number of questions.